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Aquis Towels

For Professional Use Only

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A Superior Hair Experience

Exclusively for professional use


Reduces wash-to-style time by 50%, cutting drying time in half while making minimizing frizz and making hair  more manageable. Dries quickly after washing, for added efficiency and laundry freedom.


One Year Happiness Guarantee, made of the same AQUITEX®  fabric as our towels and turbans, with enhanced bleach and color resistance designed exclusively for Pro use.


Absorbs 4X the water of traditional towels, without  uncomfortable dripping for an improved client experience.


Our backbar towels conserve precious space due to their compact footprint, taking up a fraction of the space of traditional towels.

Cost Savings

Lessens the need for styling and smoothing products, and costly backbar towel replacements due to superior quality and durability.

Improved Results

Helps seal cuticles quickly and gently without the  damaging effects of heat, improving hair health for easier styling, softer, shinier hair and more vibrant color.