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Color Defence Personalised Color Shampoo Blend - Step 2


Product Description

Your personalised colour shampoo blend is formulated by your colourist specifically to stop your colour from fading. maintains tone, shine, brilliance and condition of your salon colour.

  • Kiwi extract & vitamin e (antioxidants)
  • The 3-defence complex system™
  • Duperoxide dismutase enzyme (reduces oxidation)
  • Melanin (protects against free radical damage)
  • Wasabia japonica root extract (protects against environmental damage)

    Step 2: Protect Colour

    • Personalised colour depositing shampoo blend
    • Protects colour, maintaining tone, shine and condition
    • Use as prescribed by your professional colourist
        1. Cleanse and prepare the hair with step 1, balancing shampoo
        2. Distribute a generous quantity of your personalised colour shampoo blend through your hair from scalp to ends
        3. Lather and rinse thoroughly
        4. Follow with step 3 of your maintenance system as advised by your professional colourist.

        Your professional colourist will recommend the most appropriate colour maintenance program to maximise both the colour stability and condition of your hair. As simple as three easy steps: step 1 cleanse; step 2 tone; step 3 moisture tone and condition.


            Color Defence Personalised Color Shampoo Blend - Step 2